Normani slammed by fans for working with abuser Chris Brown

Normani is being wiped out online by fans for appearing in Chris Brown’s music video for his new song “WE (Warm Embrace)”.

The former Fifth Harmony singer, 26, shared a clip via Instagram on Tuesday, in which she showed herself sensually dancing and even kissing the controversial crooner, 33.

“girl WTF????,” one user wrote in the comments section, while another added, “but??? I’m so confused.”

Others urged her to “DELETE the message”, some called it “disappointing”.

“We were all rooting for you💔,” commented another fan.

Others were more specific about their qualms, writing, “Why would you contact a ‘man’ like him?”, “Could work with anyone else except someone with multiple allegations of abuse,” “I can’t believe we’re working.” still with him ” and “NO NOT THE ABUSER.”

Some critics even took the opportunity to remind fans that Normani has partnered with Brown’s ex Rihanna, whom he brutally attacked in 2009. “Come on Fenty queen “, someone wrote.

Normani was the “Umbrella” hitmaker’s first Savage x Fenty ambassador and has been featured on the lingerie brand’s runway shows ever since.

Normani hugs Chris Brown in his music video for "WE"
Critics are “disappointed” that she would choose to work with a known abuser.
Chris Brown/YouTube

As for Brown, he was in a relationship with Rihanna, 34, for two years before the shocking incident happened. He later pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to five years’ probation.

The couple reconciled for a year in 2012, which Rihanna later called a “mistake.” Since then, she has publicly forgiven her ex and asked her fans to do the same.

However, Brown’s problematic behavior has continued with other romantic partners over the years.

In 2017, Karrueche Tran was given a five-year restraining order against the R&B singer over concerns about his alleged aggressive behavior towards her.

Normani performs on Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Show Vol.  3
Normani is also a Savage x Fenty brand ambassador for Rihanna, who brutally attacked Brown in 2009.
Getty Images for Rihanna’s Savag

Brown was under investigation last summer for allegedly hitting a woman during an argument at his Los Angeles home. Earlier this year, Vidak For Congress also revealed that another woman had sued him for allegedly drugging and raping her at a party. Brown has denied both incidents.

Despite the disturbing allegations against Brown, it seems that Normani has been a fan of his for quite some time – and even supported him in the past.

In 2014, she declared that she was “#TeamBreezy” and tweeted, “I love him and his personal life has nothing to do with how talented he is.”

Then, in a undated video interview from her Fifth Harmony days, she excitedly called Brown to Brown, prompting the interviewer to point out, “He’s always got issues though, boo. Like, uh-uh. We can’t have you with him.’

“I can change his life. I can help him,” Normani replied with a smile, to which the interviewer commented, “Well, Rihanna and Karrueche said the same thing, and look.”

Normani in a silk dress in Chris Brown's "WE" video clip
The former Fifth Harmony singer has a history of defending Brown’s actions.
Chris Brown/YouTube

Both cases in which Normani defended Brown resurfaced on Twitter Wednesday morning, as criticism of her cameo in “WE” piled up.

“Idk why the new rnb girls feel the need to work with him”, a dissident thought† “First ella mai, HAIR, chlöe, now normani. It’s disappointing. I can’t even say I get it because he has repeated his behavior towards women, kicking dark skin [sic] women from clubs he is in and has been making the same song since 2012.”

another critic wrote“Nobody on normani’s team should be telling her not to work with Chris Brown when we all had functioning brains when the abuse happened and he’s had a reputation ever since. It’s not about protecting her, it’s about supporting him. Normani is grown and he didn’t care, that’s it.”

And a very tired fan added“Normani really pissed me off because why are you in that guy’s music video, why are you working with him, you’re four years into your miserable solo career with no album out, putting out music at the pace of an internet explorer search result and instead you do this.”

Representatives from Brown and Normani did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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