Nightlife Insiders Praise Party Mayor Eric Adams

Some people say the new mayor hasn’t gotten much done in his first six months in office so far, but we disagree.

Turns out Eric Adams is so relentlessly efficient that he can spend two nights in the same New York City hot spot in one day.

Vidak For Congress reported that Hizzoner arrived at Avra ​​Rockefeller Center around midnight on Thursday morning for an after-party celebrating Jennifer Lopez’s new Netflix documentary — and partied after 1:30 AM — and now we hear he was back in the same spot Thursday night.

The second time was Ramona Singer, the star of his fellow revelers. The party was intended to celebrate the opening of Avra’s massive new Rock Center venue.

We’re told he held court in a private room and left just after midnight to go to his favorite spot, the swanky private members’ club Zero Bond, where he partied until 3am.

While some voters seem to have noticed that Adams spends an awful lot of time with celebrities and drinking with the hip set, not everyone is crazy about it. In fact, nightlife insiders say he’s the best thing to happen to the city’s party crowd.

“He’s awesome! We can’t get celebrities to go out these days. They’re all scared of Instagram, so it’s great that we have the mayor! We don’t need Leo [DiCaprio] no more,” a nightlife guru, who wished to remain anonymous, told Vidak For Congress.

“I don’t see why it’s so bad that he goes out. It’s not that he doesn’t go to the office during the day. He works from 9 to 5, just like me – from 9 to 5,” the source added.

Mayor Eric Adams, Joe and Melissa Gorga
Adams hanging out with “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Joe and Melissa Gorga at an afterparty for Jennifer Lopez in Avra.
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Darin Rubell, who last week relaunched his East Village bar, Drexler’s, as the Wiggle Room, agrees that having the mayor on the scene has boosted nightlife morale after the pandemic.

“He is the nightlife. He is the mayor of the nightlife! I don’t know what he generally does in the mayor’s office, but he sure is good for the nightlife. If you think about it, he’s the main promoter,” he said. “He Told People” [at Avra] they should encourage New Yorkers to go out. That’s his reason [for going out]†

However, his advisor, Evan Thies, was quick to point out that Adams doesn’t just visit the big clubs and grand openings in Manhattan – “he spends time in Queens and the Bronx and Brooklyn, but also smaller neighborhoods which is now coming back to life” , he said.

Meanwhile, when Adams isn’t in town — which essentially never seems to be — his Executive Director of Nightlife, Ariel Palitz, can be seen all over town spreading the gospel of the importance of nightlife.

“It is a priority for his government in a way that has never been for mayors before. Nobody wants to go back to the [Rudy] Giuliani days, who did everything they could to destroy the nightlife,” a city hall insider told us.

Mayor Adams
An adviser to Mayor Adams told us his priority is crime reduction and business startup.
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Still, Adams’s sightings aren’t enough to get the hospitality industry back on track, according to Jonas Young-Borra, who along with Richie Romero helps run clubs like Times Square’s Nebula and Wonderland.

“I understand Mayor Adams likes to be up front and rub the elbows of famous people, but that’s not what the mayor should be doing,” he argued.

Thies told us the mayor’s priority is to “cut crime and get our businesses back on track”.

“As mayor you have to be the mayor of the future. Mayor Adams is the hardest working mayor New York has ever seen and he is putting all his energy into bringing New York back,” he said.

We think his best solutions to the city’s problems reach him in the wee hours at Zero Bond.

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