Miley Cyrus’ Brother Trace Shows Off Body Transformation

Trace Cyrus says “mindset is everything” while showing off his body transformation.

The musician took to social media on Thursday to share a before-and-after photo of himself after losing a few pounds and gaining weight since late 2021.

“The photo on the left is what I looked like at the end of last year. I was mentally destroyed and it really affected my physical health,” Cyrus, 33, tweeted.

Trace Cyrus
Trace took to Twitter with the before-and-after photos.

“The picture on the right is me now. Your mindset is everything. It can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. F–k motivation. Stay committed!”

Cyrus – the big brother of pop star Miley Cyrus – received several tweets of congratulations from fans, with a writing, “Great job at staying focused and getting back to where you wanted to go.”

Track down Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus’ big brother, Trace, suffered from depression for most of 2021.

Added one more, “I’m happy for you, Trace! Keep it up! ,” while a insisted more fan, “Both are still worthy of love and acceptance.”

At the beginning of the year, Cyrus announced his plans to remedy his depression with a “healthy lifestyle” in a lengthy Instagram post in which he apologized for being aloof in 2021.

Track Cyrus at the gym
Trace maintains that exercising has improved his mental health.

“Mentally I was just empty,” he explained. “My anxiety/depression got the best of me. I felt the pressure to put on a fake character for social media, like everything was fine, but honestly, I felt like everything in my life was spiraling out of control. So I basically just fell silent.”

He also confessed: “I got so desperate I went to a doctor and got a prescription for anxiety, depression and ADHD and I felt a million times worse than I already did. So I’m just learning how to fix myself with a healthy lifestyle. Lately I’ve just been constantly in the gym because it seems to be the only thing I think I can control. Just know I’m doing my best to get back on track.”

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