Lisa Hochstein eclipses estranged husband Lenny on Father’s Day

Sunday it was 90 degrees and shady in Miami.

Lisa Hochstein took a not-so-subtle dig at her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, on Father’s Day amid their nasty divorce.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads who put their families first,” the “Real Housewives of Miami” star wrote on her Instagram story.

Lisa, 39, captioned a photo of her posing with her and Lenny’s son, Logan, 6, and their daughter, Elle, 2, in matching pastels. The plastic surgeon, 56, was not part of the shoot.

The reality star’s shadow to Lenny comes nearly two weeks after she teased that she will speak candidly about his decision to divorce her and date model Katharina Mazepa, 26.

Lisa Hochstein poses in a white jumpsuit.
The reality star assured fans that she will have plenty to say about her estranged husband.

“I know I’ve been pretty quiet. I’ll have a lot to say soon’ Lisa tweeted on June 8

Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa on May 20 after 12 years of marriage and nearly two weeks of public feud between the couple.

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein pose on a red carpet.
Four days before the submission, Lenny told Vidak For Congress that he was planning to divorce his wife who had been dating for 12 years.
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“Lisa and I are getting a divorce,” Lenny told Vidak For Congress on May 16. “A few weeks ago I denied this because I am doing my best to protect my family during this process. This is a very difficult time and I would ask for some privacy so that we can take the best care of our children who are helping the world.” mean to us.”

Lisa told us she was “overwhelmed by his behavior and reckless handling of the situation” after reading his statement.

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein pose with their two children.
Lisa claimed to have been “blinded” by Lenny’s statement to Vidak For Congress.

The estranged couple first sparked rumors of the breakup after sources told Vidak For Congress they had a “showdown” that involved a “drink being thrown” when Lisa caught Lenny at a party with Mazepa at a club on May 7.

Lenny and Mazepa have since been showing off their newfound love and even packing on the PDA prior his divorce application.

Katharina Mazepa poses in a bikini.
Katharina Mazepa claimed she was not the reason the Hochsteins broke up.

However, Mazepa denied being “the reason for their breakup”, claiming to Vidak For Congress that she and Lenny were both “separated from our husbands for a while” and that “Lisa was fully aware” of their relationship.

“Unfortunately, this is a case of a man lying to two women at once,” Lisa told Vidak For Congress on May 19 following Mazepa’s allegations.

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