Judge Greg Mathis says Wendy Williams is ‘of value to the community’

Wendy Williams’ longtime friend and sparring partner, Judge Greg Mathis, believes the embattled talk show queen is still “of value to the community” and thinks she can make a glorious comeback.

“I think beyond her flaws and her… past or present problems, I think she still means something to the community and that’s what counts and matters. I think she will remain relevant to our community,” he told Vidak For Congress.

Mathis famously fought Williams — whose “Wendy Williams Show” painfully ends on Friday — on her radio show way back in 2002 after she assaulted him live on air with allegations that he had been having an affair.

But the TV judge tells us they made friends again a few years ago.

He added that he had spoken to her on the phone for the past few weeks and he, “asked if she would like to do a tour with me where she would focus on empowering black girls and I would focus on empowering black men or black guys.

“So I believe there is some redemption to be had and I believe she can still be of benefit, especially to our community who see very few talk show hosts, especially black women.”

Williams suffered from illness, a gruesome divorce and other awkward battles in recent years, leading to a freakish, ugly and dragged end to her beloved show.

Wendy Williams.
Wendy Williams’ show is coming to an end this week.
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During his infamous appearance on her WBLS New York show “The Wendy Williams Experience,” she suddenly began questioning him about an alleged affair, which he adamantly denied.

Judge Greg Mathis Sr.
Mathis (above) and Williams resolved their issues after an on-air feud in 2002.
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“Do you think you can get people on your show and talk to them in any way?” Mathis retorted, “Well that’s not what I do on my show and my show has higher ratings than yours . Are you still [using drugs]† Because I just saw you coming high out of the bathroom. In fact, you now have white powder around your nose. Are you still a dope fan? I have to put you in rehab and pray for you.”

Wendy Williams.
Wendy Williams is rumored to be in talks with Sirius XM Radio.
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Mathis is gearing up for the premiere of his new reality show, “Mathis Family Matters,” which will follow his life with his wife of over 30 years, Linda, and his four grown children, Jade, Camara, Greg Jr. and Amir .

“The Wendy Williams Show” released a statement earlier this week that read: “The final original episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ will air on Friday, June 17, featuring a video tribute to the iconic host.”

“Mathis Family Matters” premieres June 19 at 9:30 p.m. ET on E!.

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