Joe Gorga defends video yelling at tenant

Joe Gorga stands at his screeching match with a tenant over years of supposedly unpaid rent.

“It’s just an excuse to beat the system. That’s why I’m upset,” the 42-year-old husband of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” said in a nearly three-minute video obtained by TMZ on Wednesday.

“I just don’t get along with people who don’t do the right thing in life and don’t worry and don’t work and don’t try, and so I’m sticking with how I’ve handled it.”

Gorga added that he wanted his tenant to “feel exactly the way he made me feel”, and admitted he “couldn’t hold out [his] anger.”

“You just don’t,” he said. “The first thing you do is pay for the roof over your head, and he’s the type of guy who likes to take advantage and rip the system off.”

Joe Gorga on a red carpet.
“He’s the type of guy who likes to take advantage and light up the system,” the reality star said.
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The father of three claimed his “terrible, horrible” tenant owes him $89,000 in unpaid rent after the man allegedly stopped paying three months into his lease.

“You know what pissed me off even more is that the guy owes me money, you’d think he’d answer the phone,” he continued. “I’ve called this man countless times. [For] for years he avoids me. [He] doesn’t even have the decency to pick up the phone and talk to me.”

Joe Gorga screams.
“RHONJ”‘s husband and the tenant slammed each other during a heated confrontation.

Gorga made headlines Monday after TMZ published a video of him yelling at a tenant who reportedly hadn’t paid rent in “four f-king years.”

“F-king loser, f-king loser, pay your f-king rent, a hole. Call me f-king papa, motherf-er, because I’ve been supporting you for four and a half years,” he yelled.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga pose at "Watch live what's happening."
The unidentified tenant denied Gorga’s claims that he owed four years of unpaid rent.
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The Bravolebrity’s attorney told TMZ that the unidentified tenant owes $50,000 in unpaid rent, reportedly dating back to October 2018.

Meanwhile, the tenant claimed he only owed Gorga rent from January to now.

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