Jennifer Aydin ‘pissed’ after broken toe during Teresa’s trip

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jennifer Aydin wasn’t too happy when she broke her toe while in Mexico in May for Teresa Giudice’s 50th birthday.

An eyewitness tells Vidak For Congress exclusively that the group — including some of Giudice’s co-stars, friends and relatives — were at the Rosewood Mayakoba hotel in Playa del Carmen when Aydin, 45, injured her right foot.

The eyewitness, who didn’t know what caused the injury, says Aydin was “really pissed off because he got hurt”.

However, one of the ladies on the trip praised Aydin in a video that was reposted to the reality star’s Instagram Story Friday for being “the best two-step I’ve ever seen for a consistent five hours.”

Aydin explains her frustrations in a separate video.

“I’m a little disappointed that it happened on the trip,” she said. “At least it was halfway through and not at the beginning because it would have totally ruined it, and I did to wear heels.”

Close up shot of Jennifer Aydin's right foot with her broken second toe.
“I’m a little disappointed that it happened during the trip,” Aydin said in an Instagram Story video.

The foot fiasco happened the day before the group was scheduled to fly back home to the Garden State via private jet. Aydin said she wanted to hold off on seeking treatment, but was advised against.

“They said I needed an X-ray,” she explained to the camera on her way to a medical facility. “I wanted to wait until I got home tomorrow because it’s much easier, but they said it’s not safe to get on a plane with that in case it’s broken because it can cause a blood clot, and I’ve heard that those cause strokes. So you know what? I thought, okay, maybe we’ll go to the hospital. And it’s a 30-minute drive.”

The eyewitness tells us they saw Aydin being escorted from the hotel in a sprinter van and driven to Tulum.

“This is the best hotel,” Aydin said in another video. “Rosewood Mayakoba. The attention to detail and the service is second to none, ever, in my experience. It’s amazing. For example, they have a driver to take us.”

dr.  Veronica Ruelas and a doctor in Mexico in the room where Jennifer Aydin was treated.
dr. Veronica Ruelas, Giudice’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, went to the emergency room with Aydin.

Aydin was accompanied to the emergency room by Giudice’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Dr. Veronica Ruelas, whom the cookbook author’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice, was in touch with recently.

From her hospital bed, Aydin filmed her interaction with the doctor, who told her that “fractures like this heal on their own” as long as she doesn’t let anything touch her foot.

He told her she would be cured in four weeks and her pain would subside in about two weeks. Both Aydin’s sister and Luis “Louie” Ruelas were happy to hear that she didn’t need crutches.

“Can we keep the X-ray?” asked Veronica, to which the doctor replied, “Yes.”

“Oh, it’s heavy!” Aydin said as she got up with her new shoes. “Just call me big foot!”

She later joked that her chunky black boot “was definitely a fashion statement.”

Jennifer Aydin poses on a beach in a black boot after breaking her toe.
Sources tell us that Bravo did not film the trip.

Our eyewitness adds that the hotel staff treated Aydin “like a queen” without knowing who she was and even sent her “all kinds of get well gifts” after the toe trauma.

“Look, ‘Feel better soon,'” the reality star said as he filmed a bunch of balloons. “That’s from the hotel! Isn’t it a nice hotel?”

We were also told that Luis was very friendly to fans who came up to him to say hello at Rosewood Mayakoba.

Sources close to production confirm that Bravo cameras were not present during the trip.

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