Jeep Ducking—What the Duck Is That?

“JEEP “ducking” or “Duck Duck Jeep” is the term used to describe the practice of attaching a rubber duck to a Jeep. Allison Parliament, a resident of a tiny town in the Canadian province of Ontario, invented the practice. With the first rubber duck she put on a Jeep, she unintentionally ignited a wave of generosity, camaraderie, and appreciation.

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Allison was looking for a tiny source of happiness for herself after having a terrifying verbal and physical contact with someone earlier in the day, so she decided to perch a little yellow duck on a Jeep Wrangler that looked just like hers in a parking lot. After two years, that one gesture has grown into the Jeep ducking craze that has taken over the American Jeep enthusiast community and almost a dozen other nations worldwide.

What are the guidelines for Jeep ducking, or Duck Duck Jeep? Can anybody avoid a Jeep? Is it exclusive to Jeeps? Continue reading to find out how to partake in the Jeep ducking phenomenon.

Why Do Jeeps Get Ducked? What Is Jeep Ducking?

The person who is credited with originating the Jeep ducking phenomena, Allison Parliament, claims that there are several reasons why people duck Jeeps, each with its own set of motives and significance. It was a gesture of goodwill, a form of consolation, and a salutation to another Jeep owner, for me. However, it’s possible that you just enjoy their Jeep, that you possess a similar model, or that you’d wish to acquire a vintage Jeep in the future. Other than to connect, make someone smile, and have fun, there’s really no reason not to Jeep duck.”

Is Duck Duck Jeep Exclusive to Wrangler Models?

Although it started with Jeep Wranglers, any Jeep may be used for Jeep ducking. The main goal of Jeep ducking is to respect the vehicle of another Jeep fan. Any Jeep model, old or new, rusted or bright, bone-stock or built-to-the-hilt rockcrawler, can benefit from random acts of kindness. A game called Duck Duck Jeep is available for all Jeep models. You can even duck a child’s Jeep wagon.

What Are Jeep Ducking Regulations?

“There really are not any strict rules about how to Duck someone’s Jeep, but the idea is to keep the act of ducking a Jeep within polite and noninvasive gestures,” Allison explained. She never gets into someone’s Jeep with a rubber duck inside. “I also never place a rubber duck on a Jeep where the driver won’t find it immediately upon approaching their Jeep,” she stated. Her top picks for suitable locations to duck someone on a Jeep include the front bumper, the front of the engine hood, the front fenders, and the tops of the side mirrors or door handles.

Is It Possible to Duck Non-Jeep Cars?

It is only fitting that, if the occasion and the vehicle suit you, you engage non-Jeeps in your Jeep ducking activities since the regulations are so flexible and the sport is meant to be charitable. We’ve heard of Jeep enthusiasts attaching rubber ducks to Ford Broncos, Suzuki Samurais, and vintage Land Cruisers—vehicles that resemble the Jeep Wrangler in look. Some even have their autos “ducked-out” by the owners.

Are Rubber Ducks in Yellow the Best for Ducking Jeeps?

For those who enjoy Jeep ducking, the standard tiny yellow rubber duck (many of which have now been adorned with the slotted grille design) is a top pick. These rubber ducks are reasonably priced and readily accessible, which is helpful if you want to be incognito. They’re also a popular option because of their easy-to-write-on surface, which makes them stand out against almost any Jeep paint color, and their vivid yellow hue.

Status of the Rubber Duck Writing

Although a rubber duck may just be left on someone’s Jeep, most people choose to attach a note to the rubber duck first. That message is frequently as straightforward as “I like your Jeep.” To promote peace among Jeep enthusiasts, the Instagram hashtag #duckduckjeep is included in the statement inscribed on this yellow rubber duck.

Pretentious Rubber Ducks: Tags, Availability, and Sources

The classic yellow rubber duck is widely accessible from a variety of retailers, including There are also plenty of various high-end and fashionable ducks available for people who want to add a little extra flair to their Jeep ducking experiences. There’s a custom-printed tag connected to the gorgeous duck in the photo, which is adorned with rhinestones. You may customize a duck for your Jeep-ducking adventures with a stylish duck and a tag.

Ready for Rubber Duck-Ducking Jeeps

While most duckers might just have a few ducks and a marker hidden in the glove compartment of their Jeep, Allison Parliament is prepared to duck up to sixty Jeeps at once. Allison often travels with this stack of rubber ducks, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, to promote the Jeep lifestyle.

What Is a Duck Pond on a Jeep?

Some owners of Jeeps have been ducked so many times that they have amassed a sizable collection of rubber ducks arranged over the top of their dashboard in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. In their Jeep, this collection is referred to as the “duck pond”. There are groupings of rubber ducks that stretch from window to window on the dashboard, and then some.