Jack Harlow’s zodiac sign secured the rapper’s ‘First Class’ status

“‘You’re a superstar now,’ damn it.”

Rapper Jack Harlow is the man of the moment. Standing six feet with curls like a renaissance cherub, a voice like silk sheets and sperm sweet as pineapple juice is a man in the making.

Hot take: He could easily play Fez’s long-lost older brother from “Euphoria”, same ratio of loud to soft, different hustle.

Louisville’s best has gone from selling CDs as a teen to working with Drake, getting likes from Kendrick Lamar, praise from Ye and love from ladies far and wide.

While NBA refs are still catching up on his come-up, the rest of the world is learning about milestones like Grammy nominations, movie roles and a new album, “Come Home the Kids Miss You,” which marks the first half of 2022 for Harlow. .

This weekend, the “First Class” rapper will headline Governor’s Ball alongside Halsey, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Glass Animals, Jazmine Sullivan and Kaytranada to name a few. Hailed by the New York Post as one of the top 10 festivals of 2022, the three-day mega event will be held at the home of the New York Mets, Citi Field on June 10 – June 12.

We celebrate all of Harlow’s recent achievements by taking a look at this young ringlet king’s birth chart.

Power of Pisces

Jack Harlow attends the 148th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 7, 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky.
All eyes are on Pisces poet Jack Harlow this year.
Getty Images for Churchill Downs

Born on March 13, 1998 in the great state of Kentucky, Harlow is a soft-centered Pisces sun with a perfectionist Virgo moon. Pisces people are lovers with a capital L and they come across as starry-eyed and DTF+hug, even if they don’t consciously try.

We see this expressed in Harlow’s confession to The New York Times: “Sometimes I just talk to people and people think I’m flirting. I think I carry a warmth with me.” That warmth was neither received nor reciprocated when he met ‘Tap In’ collaborator and Cancer sun Saweetie on the red carpet in 2021. The moment quickly went viral with fans speculating that Harlow was trying his damn best and using his smoothest to fire his shot. with Saweet. For his part, Harlow called it “a nice person.”

Made for hits and heartbreak

Jack Harlow performs in a red tank top.
With Venus conjunct Neptune, Jack isn’t afraid to bare arms or catch feeling.
Movie Magic

Nice person vibes and star-crossed romance abound in our guys’ chart. Besides that marshmallow center, hugs as currency Pisces sun, he has Venus, planet of love and attachment conjunct Neptune, planet of dreams and delusions. This aspect breeds an idealistic empathy that tends to fall in love hard and fast, often idealizing the object of their affection to a dangerous degree. Even the way Harlow conceptualizes music bears the stamp of the hopeless romantic.

“I always think about it if I was in the car and the girl I had a crush on was in the shotgun and I had to play a song,” he told the New York Times, “I’d be proud to play the song ?” Others who don’t share Harlow’s signature warmth and quirkiness may interpret his sweetness as weakness and try to exploit it. Harlow has previously been associated with TikTok celebrity Addison Rae, but is currently single. Looking ahead, it is essential that he finds friends and partners who can match and reciprocate his level of loyalty and love. Guard your heart, honey.

At its peak, this conjunction lends itself to fertile creativity as the native is in harmony with the world beyond thanks to Neptune and with the beauty of sound thanks to Venus. Add to that the inevitable heartbreak and disappointments of failed romantic relationships will give ol’ Jack plenty to sing about and fans to celebrate.

Sick beats and healthy living

Jack Harlow performs in a white shirt surrounded by fans.
Jack Harlow rocks the plain white T-shirt when Virgo moon demands.
Getty Images

Pisces is the zodiac’s escape artist, always seeking solace in substances or relationships that promise a temporary reprieve from the pain of their lived reality. Harlow has been booze-free since 2020 and seems to recognize the need and benefits of a sober lifestyle. This decision was probably influenced by his Virgo moon.

Lunar Virgos people tend to the extreme when it comes to fitness and nutrition, as they prioritize purification and exercise as a means of achieving perfection. For his part, our boy is a gym aficionado who brags right out about his well-being, in “What’s Poppin,” he raps, “I’m spending this vacation locked up / My body cleared those toxins” and in “Nail Tech,” he lets us know that he “walks around with my chest out and my skin smooth, I’m healthy.” Detoxing and microdermabrasion, we’d love to see it work for you, Jack.

Further evidence of the man’s Virgo moon can be found in his list of “Ten Things I Can’t Live Without,” revealing that he prefers the sheer simplicity of a plain white T-shirt, advocates safe sex and punch for seaweed supplements, three very, very Virgo sentiments.

Community Commitment

Jack Harlow in a black suit.
Jack Harlow raises eyebrows and raises awareness for social justice.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Mutable water signs, Pisces are oceanic in their inclusiveness. They don’t want anyone to feel unloved or left out and are always willing to share the wealth. We see this at the micro and macro levels at Harlow. In his Chris Brown bop “Already Best Friends”, he extols the virtues of splitting his d**k game between two women for the sake of everyone.

This more upbeat approach extends to the music community he grew up in: “What people really need and want to see is, ‘Come of me.’ It’s how many chances you can create? How many people can you position?” For Harlow, that number is at least eight. He regularly represents his Private Garden collective, a group of musicians he has known since the beginning of his career. He made the eight official with custom championship rings
Harlow’s energy of inclusivity extends to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Before performing with Aries firebrand Lil Nas X at the 2022 Grammy Awards Ceremony, Harlow emphasized his support for voices like Lil Nas celebrated in hip-hop. He condemned bigotry and told opponents to “wake up the f**k”.

Performing and speaking took a very personal turn for Harlow in 2020 when he took part in protests in his hometown of Louisville after Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by a police officer in her home. Harlow said of the unity that followed the tragedy: “It’s powerful… There were a few moments here where I got chills from the unity because it shows how powerful it can be when everyone can come together and say the same words together.” can say. We all feel the change. This change is necessary.”

Mercury conjunction Mars – word warrior

Jack Harlow (left) and Lil Nas X pretended their microphones were their penises during their performance of "Industry treasure."
Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X share phallic mic moves and Aries influences.
Getty Images for The Recording A

The combination of Harlow’s Mars, planet of will, aggression, sex and conflict with Mercury, planet of communication and expression, helps us understand his career trajectory, lyrical delivery and approach to challenge and exchange. In his birth chart, these planets are conjunct in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. This influence imbues Harlow with a powerful, fearless determination. Success through self-expression is indicated by this aspect, as natives react quickly, with a brilliant mind and quick reflexes. There is something naturally heroic about the Aries energy and with this combination we see that Harlow is designed to defend himself and stand up for the rights of others. The more impulsive and aggressive side effects of this aspect find a welcome expression in Harlow’s music, where beats and bravado come together with beautiful effect.

Jupiter square Pluto – don’t dream it, albeit it

Jack Harlow performs in a black hoodie.
Jack’s ambitions are supported by the aspect of Jupiter square Pluto in his birth chart.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Harlow’s approval programs, big dreams and meteoric rise to success can be attributed to Jupiter’s square Pluto aspect in his birth chart. Jupiter is the planet of happiness, confidence and expansion and Pluto is the power planet of sex, death and regeneration. When the two dance square the results are magnificent; granting the native an extreme, all or nothing, death or glory approach to success, an innate ingenuity and an unshakable sense of self.

“People believe in Harlow as an artist because he believes in himself, and that authentic point of view has propelled him to a potentially big commercial moment,” noted Billboard. “Harlow no doubt thinks the sky is the limit for his career, and if his journey so far has been any indication he could very well be right.”

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Harlow’s ambitions may only be matched by his brand recommendations. Whether he’s working as a sneaker pimp for New Balance, threatening love with a cookie and an intoxicating bucket of KFC or going out of his way to make Tommy Hilfiger relevant again, Harlow doesn’t shy away from a payday. Why is this working for, instead of against him? Because his energy is overwhelmingly authentic and very amiable, the feeling extends to the products he sells. Dude makes chicken fingers kinda hot and thick-soled father shoes downright ambitious, a feat of sales in itself.

With a tour on the horizon and the glow of admiration all around him, there’s nothing but blue skies, white T-shirts, broken hearts and banknotes for Harlow.

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