Hilary Duff works amid daughter Mae’s hand, foot and mouth disease

This is not what dreams are made of.

Hilary Duff spoke candidly about how contradictory she felt playing on “How I Met Your Father” amid her 1-year-old daughter Mae’s hand, foot, and mouth disease.

“I haven’t been able to be with her all day because I’m at work,” the 34-year-old actress told her Instagram followers on Wednesday.

“I love my job so much, but this is just a little shoutout to working parents who have to leave their kids in times that don’t feel natural and go against everything in your body not to be with them,” the “Younger” alum continued.

Duff noted that her eldest two children — Luca, 10, and Banks, 3 — have never suffered from the virus, which is characterized by a contagious rash.

Mae’s symptoms looked “awful,” the “Lizzie McGuire” alum said.

Duff called the toddler a “poor little baby” and added, “I’m actually sitting here feeling sorry for myself, but you’re doing well, just like I know I’m doing a good job and working hard for my family.

Hilary Duff and her daughter Mae
Her 1-year-old daughter Mae suffers from hand, foot and mouth disease.

“All this feels so weird not being with her,” she concluded.

The former Disney Channel star, who shares her son with ex-husband Mike Comrie and her daughters with husband Matthew Koma, isn’t the only celebrity to have hand, foot, and mouth disease this month.

On August 3, Meghan King wrote in a blog post that she had canceled a Disneyland trip with Aspen, 5, and twins Hart and Hayes, 4, due to the condition.

Hilary Duff with her daughter Mae and Matthew Koma
Duff shares her daughter with husband Matthew Koma.

“Thank God my children were not seriously affected,” the 37-year-old “Real Housewives of Orange County” wrote at the time. “They had no fever, and besides being a little whiny, they felt fine, ate well and behaved normally.”

However, King experienced “quarantine PTSD… at full blast” while “stuck with” [the] poor babies.”

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