Harrison Wagner cause of death revealed, lost battle with addiction

Jack and Kristina Wagner revealed that their son Harrison “has lost his battle with addiction” after he was found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot on June 7.

The heartbroken parents honored their son by establishing the Harrison Wagner Scholarship Fund. According to a post on the New House Life Recovery Community website, they hope Harrison’s memory will “live on” through this scholarship.

“Harrison was a cheerful, exuberant young man whose smile lit up every room he found himself in. He left behind many men and relatives who loved him dearly,” the message read.

“We are heartbroken that he ultimately lost his battle with addiction and we hope that the memory of Harrison will live on through this scholarship and help other young men get help for their addiction that they could not otherwise afford.”

Jack Wagner, Kristina, Peter and Harrison
Harrison died on June 7 after losing his battle with addiction, his family revealed.

Last week, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner told Vidak For Congress that Harrison — Jack and Kristina’s 27-year-old son at General Hospital — was pronounced dead at 5:14 a.m. in North Hollywood. local time.

According to his father, Harrison previously battled an addiction and was missing for nearly a week after relapsing in July 2016.

Jack and Harrison Wagner
Jack previously talked about his son’s struggle with addiction.

“I am going to ask those who want to share their fears, addictions and struggles to do so via Twitter. We can face them together, I’ll start,” says the actor tweeted in 2016

“I fear for the safety of my youngest sons,” he added in another tweet† “Harrison struggled with drugs and alcohol, just like when I was younger. He has relapsed and is MIA 5 days.”

After his tragic passing, Harrison’s 31-year-old brother, Peter, spoke out via Instagram, writing, “Always with you.”

Harrison’s friend, Sophia Bui, also posted an emotional tribute on social media, describing her late beauty as the “balm that soothed my soul.”

Harrison Wagner and his girlfriend.
Harrison’s friend shared a touching tribute on her social media page.

“Here’s a love letter to honey. I am so heartbroken. We had plans for this Friday and you called to apologize,” she began. “Seven years, on and off, round and round, we loved each other. For better and for worse. In sickness and in health.”

The ‘Minx’ actress has apologized for missing her boyfriend’s ‘middle of the night’ calls over the past few days.

“I miss sleeping in jr pola [sic] bear arms, curled up. I miss sending you crazy animal videos. I miss you sending beautiful songs that made me cry,” she continued.

“I was never alone in this world with you. You were the balm that soothed my soul. You were my husband. I hope I was that comfort to you. i will always be jr [sic] treasure. I will always choose to love you in this world and in every other life. †

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