Hamptons bar Ruschmeyer’s loses temporary liquor license

Nobody has a foothold!

Popular Hamptons spot Ruschmeyer’s has lost its temporary liquor license for violating the provisions of the SLA, including the “don’t dance” rule.

The Montauk location was granted the temporary permit in May with some rules about how the place would be run because of problems the city of East Hampton, NY, had there last year.

An SLA representative tells Vidak For Congress that they “received a referral from the East Hampton Police Department that on June 10, an officer responding to an unruly patron danced with Ruschmeyer’s documented patrons in two separate areas within the establishment, in violation of their approved temporary retail permit.”

In addition, one of the conditions for the venue, which would now have to operate “strictly as a restaurant”, was that they could have “only music recorded in the background (e.g. no DJs)”.

But the SLA tells us they also “discovered DJ event ads on social media sites.”

And so, like the hoedown-hating preacher dad in the Kevin Bacon classic, the SLA canceled their temporary license on June 13.

Outside Ruschmeyer's.
The place was not meant for dancing or DJs. It also had to close at 1 o’clock
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But that doesn’t necessarily mean the party is over. We were told that a full liquor license for the company is currently pending.

Other stipulations were that the space has seven guards every night and would close at 1 am

Ruschmeyer’s could not be reached for comment.

Last year, the spot, which was a draw for a rowdy, 20-year-old crowd, made headlines when “Call Her Daddy” podcaster Alex Cooper scolded them for kicking her out after paying a bouncer to bring her and a few to let friends in.

“I’m f–king pissed,” she said on her show, explaining that they were booted because they didn’t have wristbands.

“Right now I felt belittled, I felt wronged… There are six of us, standing in the pouring rain with no damn dignity and no wristbands,” she said.

Everything worked out in the end when she met the owner later. ‘The Ruschmeyer’s husband was so nice; such a nice guy,” she said. “Great vibes overall.”

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