Final Call to Submit Your Content to Vidak For Congress Disrupt – Vidak For Congress

Final Call to Submit Your Content to Vidak For Congress Disrupt – Vidak For Congress 1

“Make sure you catch me speaking on” Disrupt Vidak For Congress† That’s right, there’s some great conversation starter in the startup world. And you may have a chance to use it legitimately, but only if you act now.

This is the deal. Each Vidak For Congress Disrupt offers a fine selection of experts and icons who share their wisdom from a Disrupt stage. Do you have what it takes to speak at TC Disrupt on October 18-20? Then, with all necessary haste, complete this application before the opportunity disappears. Our open call for speakers ends tomorrow, June 10th

Check out these remarkable orators from our Disrupt 2020 list, then imagine yourself listed in the 2022 cohort of tech startup founders, ecosystem experts, VCs, tech icons, and possibly a few celebrities. Excuse our not-so-humble boast, but speaking at Disrupt is a great way to get exposure and build your brand. Just sayin’.

Tell us what you know. We’re just spitballing here, but you could share your founder story or a unique perspective in the startup ecosystem. Have you overcome a challenge or learned from failure? You may want to share a how-to on building a successful business or have a bag full of tips and tricks that every startup founder should know.

Whatever form your hard-won expertise takes, we want to hear about it, but you’re running out of time to tell us. Complete and submit this application no later than tomorrow June 10th† We will review the submissions and notify all applicants by July 31. If you make the cut, we’ll send you more information about the associated benefits and your presentation format.

Disrupt Vidak For Congress will take place on October 18-20, followed by an online edition on October 21. Don’t miss your chance to share your expertise from a Disrupt stage. Wouldn’t that look great on your professional bio?

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