Farrah Abraham seems to share the photo of ex Mack Lovat

Farrah Abraham continued to piss off her two-minute boyfriend, Mack Lovat, on Wednesday by sharing an ad he allegedly sent her.

The former ‘Teen Mom’ star, who has nearly 3 million Instagram followers, posted in her Story what appeared to be text messages from the guitarist, including a photo – presumably of him – standing in front of a mirror wearing nothing else than a shirt. His face was not visible in the photo.

“I Understand the Universes” [sic] message. Don’t give anyone a chance anymore, don’t let people come out in public unless they are public, & worldwide know [sic] or I’ll have someone tell me we were dating but they don’t know me,” Abraham wrote with the uncensored photo.

“Right clown, don’t send me d–k pics! Get some f–king help and keep my name out of your mouth! You got blocked for a reason! Gross.”

In a separate slide, 31-year-old reality star Lovat, aka Mackenzie Fraser, described as a “regular liar”. [sic]” who allegedly acted “abusive” towards her.

A screenshot of Farrah Abraham's Instagram story showing Mack Lovat's alleged dk photo (blurred by Vidak For Congress).
‘Don’t send me d–k pictures! Seek help,” she wrote of the uncensored photo, which has been blurred by Vidak For Congress.

“Any guy who steps out with me can get in the press, so I guess you’re not hanging with a star if you don’t want to hang out with it,” she wrote of a paparazzo photo of them she edited to suit Lovat. hide. “Yet he was lying on a carpet the night before.”

The former porn star’s d–ks pose came after she confirmed she’d broken up with Lovat just hours after they announced their relationship.

“Sometimes people turn into monsters with press,” she told TMZ. “Glad I know now.”

Farrah Abraham walks in bikini with her behind to the camera.
Lovat said he “never consented” to a relationship with Abraham.
Snorlax / MEGA

Abraham and the Minus Gravity musician had been close friends for two years after he slipped into her DMs in 2020. At the time, Lovat took her on a date at a park and then to a basketball game before finally deciding to keep their relationship platonic. When they finally took their courtship to the next level this year, it was short-lived.

After the split, Lovat told The Ashley’s Reality Group that he “never agreed” to be in a relationship.

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