Diddy, 52, confirms he is dating Yung Miami, 28 . from City Girls

The rumors aren’t that Yung – although she sure is!

Sean “Diddy” Combs made public appearances with City Girls rapper Yung Miami, who is nearly a quarter of a century younger than him at 28.

The truth came out during the premiere of Yung Miami’s new series “Caresha, Please,” which guest-starred Diddy, 52, for the first time.

As their conversation progressed — and several drinks were drunk — the Bad Boy Records founder increasingly alluded to various past experiences he and Yung had shared, while hinting at future trips together.

“Looking forward … to take you to Mexico,” he said at one point, to which Yung replied, “Are we going to Mexico?”

Yung appeared to have successfully caught the R&B mogul, at least somewhat caught off guard with her question a few minutes later, asking, “So, what the hell are you up to? What’s your relationship status?”

the set of "Caresha please" with Yung Miami and Sean Combs
The R&B mogul gradually hinted at shared past experiences and future travel plans between him and Yung Miami.
YouTube / REVOLT

Diddy, after pausing for a moment to light a blunt, replied, ‘I’m single…but I’m dating. I’m just taking my time with life.”

Yung insisted, “Okay. So what are we?”

Diddy then summed up his view of their “status” and told Yung, “We’re dating. We are dating. We’re going to have dates, and we’re friends. We go to exotic locations, we have great times, we go to strip clubs, to church…”

Yung Miami
Rumors have been circulating about Yung Miami’s involvement with Diddy since the two were seen holding hands at a party in June 2021.
Getty Images for Coachella

In response to Yung then asking him to describe what he likes about her, Diddy explained: “You are authentic, you are one of the most genuine people I have ever met… you are an amazing mother and an amazing friend. And we’re just having a good time, you know?”

“You’re the cutest,” he added lovingly.

Diddy’s last serious romantic partner was model Kim Porter, mother of three of his six children, who died tragically and unexpectedly in 2018 from pneumonia.

According to reports, the first public indications of Diddy’s involvement with Yung came in June 2021, when the two were seen holding hands at a birthday party he hosted for music director Pierre “Pee” Thomas in Atlanta.

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