Delilah Belle Hamlin talks to Lisa Rinna about lip kit

Delilah Belle Hamlin is the last in her family to get into the makeup business.

The older Hamlin sister released her lip kit collaboration with mom Lisa Rinna on Friday for the Rinna Beauty brand “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star.

Delilah’s limited-edition lip kit includes the icy pink lip gloss shade “Pretty Please”, a true nude “Stripped” lipstick and cocoa brown “Nude” lip liner, which together form the perfect shade of the model. The three-piece combo is now available to shop for $49.

“I love being able to work together!” Hamlin, 24, told Vidak For Congress Style exclusively. “It was an amazing experience working through all the colors to find the perfect combination, and it was so much fun doing the shoot! Lisa has so much energy, and we always have a lot of fun!”

Delilah Belle Hamlin's lip kit.
Hamlin’s lip combo includes a nude lipstick, brown lip liner and icy pink shimmer for the “perfect” combination of the model.

While Hamlin prefers a nude lip, sister Amelia Gray Hamlin previously released a pink lip kit with Rinna Beauty. And while the modeling duo share a similar sense of style, Delilah told us she finds herself digging in her mom’s closet more than her sibling’s.

“My style is a bit more toned down [than Rinna’s], but at the same time, we both have and love the same staples. I usually steal all her sweats, jeans and tank tops and anything vintage I can get from her closet!’ said Delilah.

She added: “She loves to shop, and it’s perfect for me because we both have the same shoe size, so I get to steal all her shoes!”

But the women may be turning to Dad Harry Hamlin for the next big beauty tip.

While Rinna, 58, told Vidak For Congress Style that she will try to convince her husband, 70, to star in a Rinna Beauty campaign, Delilah has an idea for his own product: “I think his product should be a hyaluronan oil! We would love it!”

And when it comes to beauty advice, Delilah told us that her mom encourages her to stick to the basics, saying that the best tip she’s gotten from Rinna is that “less is more.”

Delilah Belle Hamlin and Lisa Rinna at an event.
Hamlin said she often dips into Rinna’s closet for sweatpants, tank tops and shoes, in addition to her best beauty advice.
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