David Dobrik sued by Jeff Wittek for near-fatal crane accident

David Dobrik’s former boyfriend and associate is suing the YouTube star over a near-death stunt that landed him in hospital in 2020.

Jeff Wittek is seeking $10 million in damages to cover the cost of lost wages and earning capacity, as well as hospital bills he received as a result of the accident, according to TMZ.

The Jeff FM podcaster, 32, alleged in the lawsuit that Dobrik, 25, had been driving an excavator placed in the ocean for a stunt in June 2020, and asked his friends to swing a rope from the machine while simultaneously multiple objects.

Jeff Wittek injured
Wittek previously said he was nearly “dead” after being hurled by a backhoe operated by Dobrik.
Instagram/ Jeff

Wittek said when it was his turn to go, Dobrik reportedly started swinging the backhoe too fast, causing him to hit it and seriously injure him, TMZ reported.

The social media star did not provide details of his injuries in the lawsuit, but rather spoke about them in a February 25, 2022 video on his YouTube channel titled “Dear David.”

“I almost died. I came an inch from death and an inch from going blind. I will have a lifelong brain injury,” Wittek claimed in the episode.

jeff whitek hospital bed
He is seeking $10 million in damages to cover lost wages and earning capacity, as well as hospital bills.
Instagram/ Jeff

He added: ‘I try not to lecture people. It’s just an emotional thing. I had my face smashed in and all I asked of him was not to blame me.”

Leaked footage of the accident shows Wittek crashing into the crane, then falling into the water before his friends come to his rescue and yell, “Call the ambulance!”

In March, Dobrik called Wittek’s accident the ‘f–king worst’.

David Dobrik
Dobrik has expressed regret about the accident.
Instagram/ David Dobrik

“That day is the worst that ever happened to me. I would do anything to win back that day,” he said in his “Views” video podcast.

“I wish it was me up there. It’s the most unlucky thing ever. And it’s s–tty — it’s an accident. That’s what it was. It’s an accident.”

Wittek and Dobrik did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment on the lawsuit.

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