Christopher Meloni Jokes About ‘Length’, ‘Girth’ For Nude Peloton Ad

Christopher Meloni refuses to reveal if additional pixelated squares were added for his viral naked Peloton commercial.

“I would like to say that we negotiated length, circumference and turning radius,” he jokingly tells Vidak For Congress in an exclusive interview. “But I’ve signed a nondisclosure agreement, so I really can’t speak.”

Earlier this week, the avid ‘Law & Order’ actor, 61, delighted fans with a hilarious ad for the fitness app showing off a wide variety of exercises — including bicep curls, jogging, yoga and bike crunches — all of that. while he was naked.

The company took advantage of Meloni’s recent admission that he likes to train au naturel.

Christopher Meloni Platoon ad
The ad was created by Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort.

Meloni says creating the ad was “a bit of a no-brainer”.

“My first thought was how smart they were, then I looked at the copy and I thought it was really funny… I like smart and I like funny.”

The “Oz” alum declined to definitively state whether he would go all out and shoot the ads naked.

“I’m just telling you I’m a very free actor,” Meloni teases. “I do my best work when I feel free.”

Chris Meloni.
Meloni previously revealed that he likes to train naked.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

And as for when this penchant for doing bicep curls without a stitch of clothing started, the “Wet Hot American Summer” actor shares that it’s an old preference.

“I think I’ve always loved that thrill from the start, so you know, go with what you like, go with what you know,” he adds with a laugh.

Chris Meloni in "Law & Order: Organized Crime."
Meloni gears up for the shooting of a new season of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When he’s not pumping naked, Meloni gears up to shoot a new season of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” in New York, admitting he’s trying not to complain about filming in New York City. in August.

“I’ve dug trenches, demolished buildings with a sledgehammer, I built everything in Washington DC in mid-summer, which is basically a swamp,” he says. “So I haven’t had any complaints, even though there are occasional complaints, so shame on me. It’s all good, it’s a great job, it’s a great city.”

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