Chelsea Handler sues lingerie brand ThirdLove

Chelsea Handler is suing a lingerie company for breach of contract, according to a lawsuit obtained by Vidak For Congress Style.

The 47-year-old “Chelsea Lately” alleges in the complaint filed Thursday in the California Superior Court that the bubbly brand ThirdLove did not “fairly compensate her for an advertising campaign that hired her to lead.”

According to the lawsuit, ThirdLove contacted the comedian in late 2021 because it “liked Handler’s unique, active, body-positive image and brand” and asked her to appear in the television campaign.

Both parties would have agreed a fee of $1,060,000, plus expenses.

According to the complaint, Handler began a “specialized training regimen” and had:
“multiple meetings” with ThirdLove’s executives ahead of the campaign shoot, which was scheduled for late January 2022.

However, ThirdLove is said to have canceled the shoot and the entire deal on January 26 after Handler flew to Whistler, Canada for the “on her own money” campaign.

“Handler believes and has been informed that despite the statements made to her, the ThirdLove creative team responsible for her campaign never received board approval, and when the board of directors at the eleventh hour of the campaign heard,
it instructed ThirdLove’s officials to terminate the parties’ agreement,” the lawsuit alleged.

Chelsea Handler poses in lingerie.
Handler claims she followed “a specialized training regimen” to get in shape for the campaign.
Chelsea Handler/Twitter

Handler claims ThirdLove refused to compensate her for the canceled shoot and breach of their agreement, despite “repeated requests” to the company to do so.

The “Are you there, vodka? The author of It’s Me, Chelsea is suing for over $1.5 million in damages.

Aside from breach of contract, Handler is also suing for promissory estoppel, which contract law experts define in part as a party’s right to “claim back on the basis of a promise made while the party’s reliance on that promise is reasonable.” used to be.”

ThirdLove did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress Style’s request for comment.

Handler’s attorney told us, “We think the complaint speaks for itself. Nothing else from us at the moment.”

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