California reservoir race: Which reservoir filled up first?

Lake Oroville is seen in March. It’s called CDWR.

Which one filled up first?

Lake Oroville can be seen in March. (CDWR).

According to data from the California Department of Water Resources, at least one of California’s reservoirs is now at capacity for the first time in years. There are high levels in the water.

The Golden State has had wet weather over the past several months. San Luis, Cachuma and Castaic were included. Which one got the win this week?

Cachuma’s capacity was reached on Wednesday. The measurement for water is called an acre feet. According to the water education foundation.

The Santa Ynez River is 25 miles northwest of Santa Barbara. Water is sent through the Santa Ynez mountains to the residents of the South Coast region.

For the last few weeks, San Luis has been sitting at 99% capacity. The rapid growth of the reservoir made it appear to be the winner in the race.

The Castaic Reservoir in Southern California has been almost completely full for the past two weeks. Outside of Los Angeles, Castaic provides water to more than four million Californians in a single year.

Scheduled releases from Lake Oroville into the Feather River have been maintained by DWR. The levels quickly returned to normal after this caused the Feather River to swell. The water levels at Oroville have not changed.

The state has benefited from the wet weather. Many in Central California could be at risk from more flooding as the now record breaking snowpack begins to melt with warmer temperatures.

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