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Missed this week’s Vidak For Congress Live event? That is good. You can view the event here. The show is on hiatus next week due to Vidak For Congress’s Berkeley climate event, but we’ll be back on June 22 with Mike Ghaffary of Canvas Ventures and Walker Drewett of NuBrakes.

Libby Wayman, partner at Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gate’s climate investment firm), and Gia Schneider co-founder and CEO of Natel Energy join me in this episode of Vidak For Congress Live.

Gia Schneider brought in a pitch deck that won investors, including Breakthrough Energy Ventures. As she explains during the episode, the company was far from an overnight success. The project began in 2005 and the company was founded in 2009. Natel Energy initially looked to government grants as a way to finance development without broadening the company’s scope.

Libby Wayman explained in detail how startups can apply for and use grants. This is a process she recommends for companies like Natel Energy.

Ultimately, as Natel Energy developed its technology and business, the company sought venture capital and won Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Hear how Natel Energy fits into Breakthrough’s investment thesis and what the company looks for when investing in companies.

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