Ben Affleck Angry Over Dad During His Honeymoon In Paris

Ben Affleck, who fought the fierce paparazzi during his first relationship with Jennifer Lopez, struggled with how many snappers followed them on their honeymoon, a source told Vidak For Congress.

“Ben was a bit shocked in Paris,” said the source. “This was a whole new level.” Add “an almost princess-Diana level.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck couldn’t appreciate all the media attention his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez got.
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In 2002, the photogenic couple received unprecedented media attention. They even had to postpone their first planned wedding in 2003 after being forced to go so far as to have “decoys” on their doomed big day.

In a statement released the day before the original wedding, they said, “Due to the excessive media coverage surrounding our wedding, we have decided to postpone the date.” (And, of course, they never rescheduled that particular wedding.)

“Ben is used to the flashing lights,” said the source. “But he felt the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jen is made of steel and knows it belongs to the territory [but] he still gets angry.”

While Lopez, 53, looks perfect in every frame shot, Affleck always seems made for memes.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
A source said it reminded him too much of the first time he and the singer tried to get married.
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There was the famous photo of him looking gloomy as he looked out to sea, another worn image of him smoking a cigarette with his eyes closed in apparent despair, and Vidak For Congress explained a photo of him struggling to balance iced coffee, a box of munchkins and his mail, the perfect metaphor for the overwhelming events of 2020.

As it should be, a photo of Affleck, 49, on the recent trip on a cruise on the Seine with Lopez and their respective children, shows him at the front of the boat, asleep, with his mouth open.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
They described it as “Princess Diana level” media attention
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He was also photographed bringing tears to his eyes at La Girafe, in the Place du Trocadéro in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Dad also caught the couple closing lips at Le Matignon restaurant, cuddling near the Elysée Palace and catching just about every other moment of the trip.

Affleck is back in Los Angeles after the honeymoon, while Lopez is on vacation in Italy following her performance at the LuisaViaRoma x Unicef ​​Capri Gala.

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