Angie Martinez disagrees with Rolling Stone hip-hop list

We have bad news for the editors of Rolling Stone’s brand new list of the 200 best hip-hop albums: You got it wrong.

How do we know they are wrong? Because Angie Martinez says so, and nobody knows more about hip-hop than Angie Martinez.

“They had [Dr. Dre’s 1992 album] ‘The Chronic’ at 40,” says Martinez, who has presented the biggest names in hip-hop on her radio show for nearly two decades and won a Grammy as a rapper. “I think ‘The Chronic’ is one of the most important albums of the hip-hop era. I think it has changed the culture.”

She also noted that Nas’ legendary music magazine ‘Illmatic’ is only 24, while considering it a slot for the top ten.

“I never think that anyone [such rankings] because it’s just someone’s opinion. I don’t know who the people are who made the list,” she said. “I’m sure they are very nice people and I’m sure they have very strong opinions. My opinion is different from theirs.”

The list, published on June 7, was hotly debated on social media, with controversial picks including relative newcomer Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” landing at 16. Two female performers made the top ten with Missy Elliot at number 7 and Lauryn Hill at 10.

nas' "illmatic" cover.
Nas’ “Illmatic” (1994) was at number 24, despite being in Angie Martinez’s top 10.
Columbia Records

“Sometimes women are overlooked in these lists, so I’m glad they did and that they did it right,” she told us.

Angie Martinez on the podium.
The “Voice of New York” disagrees with Rolling Stone’s latest hip-hop list.
Getty Images for iHeartMedia

When asked for her own hip-hop greatest hits list, the Voice of New York joked, “I can’t, that’s too hard, honey. You’re not going to get me involved in that and leave everyone hanging in my fucking IG stories.

The album of dr.  dre "the chronic" cover.
dr. Dre’s classic album “The Chronic” (1992) is at number 40.

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