Al Pacino Finally Explains His Viral ‘Shrek’ Phone Case

The origin story of Al Pacino’s “Shrek” phone case has finally been revealed.

“My daughter gave that to me,” Pacino revealed on Wednesday during a “Today” show. “My youngest daughter put that on my phone.”

Last April, the internet went into meltdown mode when eagle-eyed fans noticed the Oscar winner, 82, had a phone case covered with images of the iconic green ogre.

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Pacino explained that he didn’t even notice what was on the case until Jason Momoa shared the photo on Instagram, which immediately went viral.

Al Pacino holds his phone with a Shrek phone case featuring a close-up of him.
Al Pacino’s surprising phone case is a gift from his youngest daughter.

“I didn’t even look at it until social media told me what was on my phone,” said “The Godfather” actor. “And I took a look and said, ‘Oh, that’s ‘Shrek’.”

When Harry Smith, host of ‘Today’, asked if Pacino had kept the briefcase, which seems more appropriate for a girl about to start high school, he sneered, ‘Sure, it was a gift!’

Jason Momoa shared a photo on Instagram of him dining with others and Al Pacino.
Jason Momoa shared this photo that started it all.
prideof gypsies/Instagram

Fans raved that the legendary actor had a phone case that seemed to conflict with his brooding screen image.

“You can’t make this up, Al Pacino is literally the perfect man to exist and he loves Shrek,” a user wrote.

Al Pacino backstage at Oscars in March 2022.
Pacino’s unusual phone case thrilled fans.
AMPAS via Getty Images


Even Dreamworks animation took action, tweet“Real Really Recognize,” featuring an image of Shrek wearing a phone case decorated with Pacino faces.

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